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The most important aim of this challenge is to reduce your impact on the environment by changing the way in which you live from day to day. It is my strong belief everybody can make a positive change and a lasting impact on the world and become a more conscious consumer.

Let’s embark on this 6-week long journey together which will help you grow a sustainable mindset!


Every week, you will be asked to choose and complete at least one challenge. Make sure you document your learning/ findings using Sway/ Wix/ WordPress or Squarespace. Sway is one of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite apps and all Viken students have free access to Sway using their Office 365 email accounts.

How to use Microsoft Sway- youtube

Convert a Word document into a Microsoft Sway


Once a week, we will have a quiz relating to the topic we have decided to cover. You will find these 6 different quizzes on Microsoft Teams.


After completing all the challenges, you will be invited for an individual conference and asked to choose one topic of your interest ( food, footprint, cosmetics, zero waste, fashion or water). During this conference/interview, I will share a set of questions relating to your chosen topic so that you can demonstrate your level of mastery.


a.How do you feel about your work? What adjectives would you use to describe your feelings toward your finished products?

b.What would you improve if you had more time?

c.What are you the most proud of?

d.What did you learn along the way? Describe any new skills or concepts you acquired.

e.What did you learn about yourself based upon this experience?

f.What part was the hardest for you? Why?

g.What part was the easiest for you? Why?

h.Would you do something similar to this in your free time? Why or why not?

i.How could you build on this assignment or project in the future?

j.What are your next steps?

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